University Wikipedius

I should get a degree from this education provider as well.

The Internet, aside from being a great teacher, can also be the source of great misleadings. I could go on forever on this topic (along with many others), but time is of the essence and exceedingly rare these days.

This weekend, the online process for selection of placements opens up and we Year 3Bs are to put in our preferences for placements in 4C. Though that being said, my confidence that I’ll pass this year at all is eroding away. 2011 really hasn’t been my year, and if I get through it, I’m hoping for a big change next year, be it the end of the world or not.

Speaking of next year, I’m really tempted to get a pet bunny next year to drive away the blues of solitude, but some really adorable baby rabbits with beautiful coats are catching my eye already. Netherland Dwarf rabbits can be really expensive back in Singapore, and their coats don’t come in as wide a range of colors as they do here. A quick read on the Singapore AVA website shows it isn’t too difficult to bring the bunny home when I’m done here, but further investigation is definitely warranted.

And that being said, I’ve been advised against buying a pet here.

Maybe a fish. Anything so I won’t feel like I’m the only living being in my house that cares whether I’m around or not. A bunny like this one would do wonders to lift morale.

Alright. Back to work then. The endless tide of it. The Girlfriend might be heading out with my sister and my friends tomorrow for some Japanesey thing somewhere. It’s an odd group however I look at it. But have fun dear!

And to end off the day, a tribute to the older folks.


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